Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tilapia, shrimp, & green beans

This is for all of you who love the Costco frozen food section and for all of you who are not fortunate to live by a Costco, yet make fun of us who buy EVERYTHING there. This meal takes about 10 minutes!

First I pulled out a Tilapia Fillet and rubbed olive oil over it and seasoned with Mrs. Dash . Bake this for 10 minutes @ 425 degrees. While this is cooking, pull out the frozen shrimp and defrost in cool water. Next, grab your frozen green beans and a couple of garlic cloves (Costco fresh foods) and saute in a little olive oil adding salt and pepper to taste. My kids will actually eat this up!


Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness--this blog is a blessing! Your recipes look wonderful! I've added you to my favorites so I can come back often!

Stephanie said...

Yumm! So easy too. I love Costco. In fact, I have those Tilapia Fillets in my freezer right now!