Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome Everyone!

I hope you all join me in the daily quest to answer the inevitable...what's for dinner? Some couples fight about money, in-laws, _ _ _...not in this house. We fight about what to eat! With 17 different food allergies and a lot of fussy eaters, it seems to be the hardest thing for me to figure out. Usually I give up and don't cook. I really want to stop this awful habit. I want to have a plan and cook a meal each night (even when my husband isn't home to enjoy it).

So I hope you will post and share pictures of your favorite meals, your everyday meals, easy and hard meals and the meals that you think are so basic that they aren't worth posting!

Hopefully you can all help me be a better cook and get some ideas for your own family!

Invite your friends to join us. send me an email to join and be able to post (carlie(at)

Here's why I am starting this:

Dinner tonight w/husband was out of town: Mac and Cheese for the kids, Cafe Rio for me! Ya, I need help!


Stephanie said...

Wow! That looks super yummy! I need help with dinner too!

jess said...

this is such a great idea carlie!! i don't have much to contribute, but would love to be in on the fun! (and could definitely use the help...)

Madsen Family said...

Car, I, too, am ALWAYS wondering what to make for dinner. And I am the least inventive cook in the world. But I'll be happy to give you what I have and you can use it or not:) I like having weekly menus so I always know what's for dinner and so does Josh. I am lucky that he is the LEAST picky eater in the world. I could put a rock in front of him, put some ketchup on it and he'd not only eat it, but he'd say it was tasty! So, cooking for him is a pleasure:) Too bad I sure don't do it often enough!

Alisa said...

This is going to be fun! I don't have a dinner idea (that is why I'm looking at your blog!) but right after I got your invitation I found an article about a woman whose daughter has extensive food allergies too. She has made a cookbook and I thought you might like to see it. Read about this at Good luck with your dinners!

Madsen Family said...

Carlie, What are the 17 food allergies b/c what if I post a meal you can't even eat? Let me know so I can be on the lookout for good recipes w/o those allergic foods. P.S. I'd eat at cafe rio EVERY night if I lived in Utah. Yum, yum...