Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Okay, So It Wasn't Dinner...

It was dessert! Jeff is out of town so we had hot dogs for dinner but a great dessert. Michael is leaving tomorrow in his mission so the fam came over for homemade ice cream. I have to tell you this was the first time I have made it by myself and it turned out pretty good (it was a little runny). I got the recipe from one of my favorite fabric designers and bloggers, Heather Bailey. Click here for the recipe (on cute little cards). This is a picture of her ice cream, not mine!

The best part (which you can kinda see) was the sugared pretzels. I think they would be great for salads too!

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Stephanie said...

I saw this recipe on her site too. I'm dying to try it! Those 2 combos just sound so delicious.